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Vanilla Hazelnut Luxe Coffee Soap (10-Minute Hot Process Soap)

Learn how to make this delicious Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee Hot Process Soap in just 10 minutes!

There is nothing more invigorating than the smell of sweet, warm and aromatic coffee in the morning. We took advantage of this and all of the other benefits that coffee has to offer and created this super luxe Vanilla Hazelnut coffee soap. Made with antioxidant-rich coffee, gentle exfoliating coffee grounds and tightening caffeine extract, this invigorating bar is sure to please. We used ultra-conditioning plant butters, rich-lathering coconut oil, and a beautiful blended post cook superfat to provide the ultimate softening and gentle cleanse.

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Creamy Recipe: Follow the directions provided in The Ultimate Guide to Hot Process Soap and the recipe below to create your very own Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee soap. You may use Low Temperature Hot Process or High Temperature Hot Process. Adjust the water concentration and additives for increased fluidity or leave as recommended for harder bar after unmolding.

Oils: The following oils are to be melted and added to your crockpot:

Castor Oil- 15% | 4.8 ounces | 136.1g

Cocoa Butter- 15% | 4.8 ounces | 136.1g

Coconut Oil, 76 deg- 25% | 8 ounces | 226.8g

Hazelnut Oil- 15% | 4.8 ounces | 136.1g

Shea Butter- 10% | 3.2 ounces | 90.7g

Stearic Acid- 5% | 1.6 ounces | 45.4g

Tallow Beef- 15% | 4.8 ounces | 136.1g

Total Oil Weight: 32 ounces | 907.2g

(Prefer a vegan bar? Substitute palm oil or more shea butter for tallow!)

Superfat: The PCSF or Post-Cook Superfat should be warmed and added after the saponification process is complete. We include an 8% PCSF (2.56 ounces | 72.57g). For this recipe, we used high oleic sunflower oil (25%), coconut oil (25%), and cocoa butter (50%). Like all UG2HP recipes, you may follow our recipe or select the PCSF of your choice. Be sure to take the fatty acid composition into consideration to reduce the risk of oxidation and rancidity.

Lye Solution We use a dual-lye solution to increase the rate of lather formation and increase lather stability, but you may also elect to use a NaOH solution at 4.68 ounces | 132.8 g

Total Water Weight- 10.24 ounces | 290.3 g

Total NaOH Weight- 4.45 ounces | 126.1 g

Total KOH Weight- 0.37 ounces at 90% purity | 10.3 g

Total Lye Weight- 4.81 ounces | 136.5 g

Optional Water Split: You have the option to use full coffee instead of water for your lye solution, coconut milk or a combination of liquids, like we did below. If you would like a more fluid recipe, increase the water concentration to 38% and save the coconut milk for after the cook. 32% TOC Water concentration (10.24oz | 290.3g)

-60% Water in lye solution (6.15 ounces | 174.35g)

-20% Coconut milk at trace (2.05 ounces | 58.12g)

-20% Coffee with 2%TOC Ground Coffee at trace (2.05 ounces water with 0.62 ounces ground coffee | 58.12g water with 17.58g ground coffee)

For our 20% coffee portion, we combined water and our coffee grounds and heated together in the microwave to create a coffee solution. We used a very aromatic Vanilla Hazelnut coffee blend. When combined with the high heat from the process, it creates a natural beautiful, brewed coffee fragrance.

Optional Additives:

(%TOC is percentage based on Total Oil Concentration, not including PCSF)

Tussah Silk in lye solution

2% Molasses (We added this by freehand)

1% TOC Cetyl Alcohol and 2% TOC caffeine extract added with PCSF

Top with coffee beans (Coffee beans are incredibly aromatic and will add a beautiful, natural fragrance)

Natural Colorants:

No colorants were added to this soap, the coffee and molasses, create a beautiful, deep brown shade. If a fragrance with vanillin is used, this will also add a deeper brown hue.

Fragrance This soap will have a soft and subtle natural coffee smell when finished due to the coffee grounds and coffee beans. It makes an excellent facial or morning bar because of its conditioning oil blend, gentle exfoliating properties, softening superfat and skin-brightening caffeine extract. We also like this bar for all-over use and can include a coffee fragrance blend for the ultimate coffee lover's delight.

Vanilla Hazelnut (50%) & Coffee Beans (50%)

Do you sell soaps? Partner with your local coffee shop and create this beautiful soap using their coffee blend!

Beautiful Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee 10-Minute Hot Process Soap


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