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UG2HP Coconut Bubbles MP Base

Follow the directions from The Ultimate Guide to Hot Process soap to complete the recipe above. After your UG2HP Coconut Bubbles MP Soap recipe has completely saponified, add 60-100% total oil weight in vegetable glycerin to your crock pot ( We used 60% or 9.6oz for 16oz oil). Your recipe will begin to bubble and foam, that is completely normal as glycerin is an alcohol (our solvent). Continue to stir recipe until translucent. Use a spray bottle filled with alcohol to calm any additional bubbles*. After your recipe is completely dissolved, you can design your soap or pour into a loaf mold and cover for later use as MP soap base.

*To speed up the process, you can remove the top layer of foam/bubbles and add to a separate microwave safe container. After it has hardened, microwave on low to melting point and spritz with alcohol and add to the same or separate mold.

-LTHP- This is an excellent way to safely make wonderful all natural glycerin soap using the hot process soap making method. Follow the directions for LTHP and work on the low temperature setting of your crock pot. If you do not have a working knowledge of soap chemistry and advanced hot process methods, it is absolutely imperative that this recipe be made with LTHP.

-HTFHP method is a wonderful way to quickly and efficiently make this recipe and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Because the glycerin will transform your recipe into a transparent liquid, fluidity is not the objective in using high heat, but rather a reduction in the time necessary for saponification. If you are comfortable with HTFHP and have a solid understanding of fatty acids and exothermic reactions, you may make this recipe using the HTFHP method. Because of the high saturated fatty acid content, this recipe will expand more than usual. Prepare your recipe in a container that is at least FOUR times larger than your normal container. Your recipe may expand several times and in large volumes, please be prepared for this. If you continue to stir your recipe after adding the glycerin, you may have lost too much heat and may need to reintroduce a heat source or microwave in short bursts. Again, if you are not comfortable with expansion, do NOT use the HTFHP method.

For MP Base: Cut the desired amount of UG2HP Coconut Bubbles Melt & Pour Soap base and microwave until melted. Continue to design with fragrance, colorants and other additives as desired.

For more information about soap science, recipe formulating, hot process soap and fluid hot process soap, be sure to get your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Hot Process Soap today by visiting our bookstore now!


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