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"Summer Rain" Goat Milk HTFHP

This is the full design video of “Summer Rain”. I used the “Creamy Goat Milk” HTFHP recipe with powdered goat’s milk, added to fresh goat’s milk and then used goat milk yogurt instead of regular yogurt. The PCSF was sweet almond oil. Colorants used are charcoal and titanium dioxide dissolved in 0.5oz sugar water. For the recipe, please check the recipe book!

The design: I poured ¾ of my white colored base into the bottom of my mold. I then alternated between the white and grey colors in the middle. I then covered with the remaining white. The hanger swirl pattern uses small figure 8 movements from one side of the mold to the other, making sure not to break the top of the white. I finished by adding the remaining grey and white soap to the top and used the end of my spoon to swirl. It did start to harden on me a little bit, but when the soaps are cut, they tops always look beautiful with a textured swirl.

Happy Soaping!

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