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DIY All-Natural Melt & Pour Soap Base (10-Minute Vegan & Palm-free)

Use the knowledge and experience gained from The Ultimate Guide to Hot Process Soap to begin your journey into the world of DIY melt and pour soap bases and beautiful glycerin soaps. By using the knowledge learned about saponification, crystallization, solvents, thermodynamics and fatty acids from the soap science chapters in UG2HP, you can easily create your own bubbly, gentle and amazingly fun MP soap base.

The recipe and video below is an introductory recipe that is meant to be simple and easy and creates a bubbly and all-natural glycerin MP base. I use this recipe to teach my students the fundamentals of solvents in soap making and its the perfect first step to learning the process of DIY melt and pour soap bases and transparent soap making.

After you have the creation process down, it becomes up to you, the soap scientist and artist, to create and formulate your own fun MP and glycerin soaps! You can get creative with creamy butters, conditioning fats, nourishing oils, different colorants, fragrances and more. Create beautiful, all-natural opaque and transparent soap bases with different recipes that YOU create.

Tips for the recipe below:

-Feel free to switch it up and use propylene glycol to lower the melting point even more for a faster melt!

-If using HTHP, make sure you are prepared for an expanding recipe and use a bowl with at least 3X the total recipe volume

Happy Soaping!


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