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The ultimate learning experience, unlike any other class, book, or blog! No more guessing, complications, or wasted time and money. Just beautiful, easy soap with the properties, appearance, and performance you desire — every time!



We teach the science behind the soap so your soap will look and feel professional every time.


Consulting is soon to be available at varying levels based on a person's experience, needs, and goals:  beginner consulting, recipe consulting, and business development and marketing.

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Are you interested in learning how to successfully formulate, create, and design your own beautiful, bubbly, and long-lasting soap?

We delve deep into the history and science of soap making to provide our students with the ultimate learning experience. Study saponification, lye concentrations, fatty acids, superfatting, soap properties, oil and fat sources, and more. Enjoy a comprehensive curriculum that teaches students how to select ingredients based on chemical composition and desired soap qualities, how to use a soap calculator, and how to avoid common soap making complications that occur due to a lack of knowledge and experience. After you have learned the fundamentals of soap science and recipe formulating, enjoy discovering different styles of soap making, each with unique features that allow our students to truly design personalized and creative soaps.


All students have access to one-on-one student support, continuing education opportunities, tutorial and educational videos, an online soap making community, and more.

There is no need to buy expensive or unnecessary tools and ingredients as a beginner.

There is no need to buy expensive or unnecessary tools and ingredients as a beginner. Spare yourself the time and money wasted on trying to make soap by skipping the most basic and fundamental learning principles before soap making.

LEARNING TO DO THINGS THE RIGHT WAY IN THE BEGINNING can really save a lot of time and frustration in addition to making the process more streamlined — and creating better soap!


Why The Ultimate Guide Coursebooks Are an Investment in Your Future in Soap Making

There are lots of options for learning how to make soap: blogs, videos, classes, books, books, Facebook groups, websites and so much more. Some of these are free and others are incredibly expensive, most without any follow-up or support. All of these options require time, dedication, and research in order to fully understand and comprehend each of the topics that are discussed in our coursebooks. There is literally no other resource that has all of this information in one place, in an easy-to-follow and comprehend format.

Maybe you don’t know where to start? Maybe you have tried to use these resources and they don’t provide you with the knowledge or support that you need? In soap making, each piece of the puzzle is crucial to your success. These pieces include, but are not limited to: soap science, including physics and chemistry, soap phases, fatty acids, SAP values, soap properties, superfatting, selecting the right oils and butters, lye safety, soap calculators, additives, and more. Information about each of the unique styles and processes of soap making is mandatory to ensure the success of your soap making endeavors and there is so much misinformation and unsafe soaping practices promoted that it can be hard to decipher which to follow. Every one of these topics is important when learning how to formulate recipes and successfully create soap- and each of these things is covered in significant detail in our coursebooks with their own chapter, including extras like videos, images, charts, learning exercises, experiments, and chapter reviews.


After completing our coursebooks with the support of our volunteer soap making teachers and help from our online community of students just like you, you will be able to successfully formulate and create your very own soap — with the properties, appearance, and performance YOU desire. Most of the information to self-teach and become a successful soap maker is out there, but we have taken the time, energy,  and years of experience and dedication to collect this information and provide readers with one easy-to-read resource with the support necessary to help you succeed.

What are you waiting for? Join our smart soaping team today! ​


— The Ultimate Guide to Soap Team


"OMG! The UG2HP Book is amazing. So much information and you're head will be spinning..... but in a good way. So much information that is helpful to get you through your first recipe and beyond. Pictures... Video links... and a new community."

 — A. Green 

Things to think about before trying to make soap without learning the fundamentals of soap science, recipe formulating, troubleshooting, and methodology:

Time spent watching YouTube or reading blogs:

2 hours

Time spent creating an uninformed recipe in a soap calculator you don't know how to use: 30 minutes

Time spent preparing ingredients and making soap:

60 minutes

Money spent on soaping tools:


Money spent on loaf ingredients:


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