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The UG2HP Philosophy 

We are a small little family company that believes in furthering the education of the soaping community while helping our own community grow at the same time.


We feel that it is imperative that all soap makers learn the fundamentals of soap science and hot process soap making before investing their time, money, and energy into “uninformed” recipes and “failed batches”. This means that we want all who enjoy our book, videos, and recipes, to feel comfortable in their soap-making skills and understand that soaping is first a science and an art second.


There is an incredible amount of soap making information available for free on the internet and there are many different soaping books available at the library and for purchase, but not a single one of these resources has all of the information or support that you need to be successful and they most certainly don't have this collective information in one easy to read and access place.


The Ultimate Guide to Soap coursebooks, unlike any other resource available today, provides readers with the fundamental education, support, and step by step directions necessary to learn how to formulate and create your very own soap and soap recipes based on fundamental soap science, fatty acids, soap properties, superfatting, water concentrations, and more, with detailed instructions and information on the why, how, and what of soap making.

Our coursebooks teach you all of the above things (and so much more) while guiding you through the learning process with unique and informative chapters that cover each part of the soap-making process from beginning to end.  Because there was a lack of available information and because we want all soap makers to be successful, we spent years developing and researching our soap-making skills and knowledge in order to create the books we wish we had when we first started our own soap-making journies. 


We want you to succeed!


We have priced our coursebooks so that they cover things like our website, domain, site maintenance, video production, continuing education, and supplies necessary to make information that will truly help you learn. We also support Soap-Eat-Sleep which provides donations and soap donations to help our own community provide hot showers, healthy meals, and safe sleeping spaces. We make a very modest commission that helps go towards continuing our efforts in sharing and helping our community grow.


More information about The Ultimate Guide to Hot Process Soap, our first soap making sourcebook:


Modernized hot process soap making has progressed over the past five thousand years from a necessity to a craft and we are now able to use our electric stoves, crockpots, and stick blenders to make it in our own home... for fun! Making hot process soap isn't something new, but rather something that has been researched and studied and is now available as both fine art and a manufacturing process. We wrote this book to provide real information for real people seeking to learn how to create hot process soap or better their soap-making skills or soap science knowledge. After reading this book, you will be able to make your own hot process soap, the way that you want it! We truly want our readers to be able to answer the following questions and have made it our mission to do so in this book:

  • What is the history of soap and how has it changed over the years?

  • What ingredients do I need to make soap?

  • What is saponification?

  • What is a SAP value?

  • What is pH?

  • What are fatty acids and why are they important in soap making?

  • What are soap qualities and how are they determined?

  • What is a cook superfat?

  • What is a post-cook superfat?

  • Why is heat used in hot process soap making?

  • What is mechanical mixing and how does it affect our soap?

  • What oils/fats can I use to make soap?

  • What is an informed recipe and how can I create it?

  • How do I use a soap calculator?

  • What is lye and how can I safely use it?

  • What tools are required to make hot process soap?

  • What are the advantages of hot process soap compared to other processes?

  • What is LTHP (Low-Temperature Hot Process Soap) and how do I make it?

  • Can I use cold process recipes to make hot process soap?

  • What is HTHP (High-Temperature Hot Process Soap) and how do I make it?

  • Are there “stages” that HTHP may go through?

  • How can I formulate a recipe to make HTHP?

  • How do I make my soap more fluid?

  • How do I formulate a recipe to make HTFHP (High-Temperature Fluid Hot Process)?

  • What is the difference between low temperature and high-temperature hot process soap making?

  • What can I do if something goes wrong?

  • What additives can I use in hot process soap?

  • Can I make designs, swirls or textured tops in hot process soap?

  • Do I have to cure hot process soap?

  • What is a water discount and how does it affect my soap?

  • What is acidification and how does it affect my soap?


And so many more…

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